Perfect Lie

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A Perfect Lie is the best solution if you are bored and want to have fun. A dynamic process, performing many different tasks per second is not about this game. Here you are up to finding a quiet pastime.

Moreover, there is a unique opportunity of becoming a witness to hilarious and sometimes strange events. While on the subject, it is in your power to influence some things, but somewhere else you may just remain an observer.

In principle, everything here is quite easy, so you do not have to understand the instructions for a long time or just perform a lot of actions. Therefore, here you are just up to relaxing and having a good time.

Make Your Choice

It is significant to note that the main functionality in the game is selecting. Therefore, you are capable of being in many different situations. And in each of them you are offered a list of actions that you are able to perform. Therefore, try to choose the best option from those offered.

Accordingly, you have the opportunity to become a participant in some dispute or conversation. As a result, you have a chance to either behave in a certain way, or simply respond witty. Most often, you will either not tell the whole truth, or keep silent about some details.

Therefore, before choosing something, carefully analyze the current situation. Additionally, the outcome in the end can be the most pleasant for you. And that’s how it should always be. In this case, you always win.

Fun Is the Basis

Among other things, you will also be able to make various draws. To give an instance, spoiling someone’s shampoo or shower gel by adding paint or something else. Or it is possible for you to set up a spider trap to scare the person you’re playing a little.

Moreover, you even have a chance to interact with characters such as the teacher and other students. And at the moment when you may be asked serious questions, there is a possibility of making everyone laugh with your answers.

A separate mention is that sometimes, thanks to various answers, you may be able to get rid of any negative consequences. Accordingly, sometimes not telling the truth can be very helpful. It is an option to get away with it.

Therefore, if you want to somehow interact with characters in various locations and have fun, the Perfect Lie is the best choice here. Then you can do whatever you please. Lie, say funny things, play pranks and more.

The main thing is that in the end there is a possibility of having a good time. This way it is possible for you to recommend this entertainment product to your friends and discuss it with them later. For example, you are capable of comparing who managed to get out better in a particular incident.